Listowel Instructors

Master Mark Panchaud

Master Mark Panchaud is the Head Instructor of the Listowel School and has been training since 2001.  He achieved his 4th Dan level in 2018.  Master Panchaud enjoys reminding the children that if the old fat guy can do it they really have no excuse.






Ms Cindy Bennett

Ms. Cindy Bennett joined the Listowel School in October of 2011.  At the time she was driving school bus and heard about the school from one of the students.   Initially she joined for the exercise but quickly fell in love with the philosophy and training.  She says she is living proof that no matter what your age you can help yourself and become a better person. She has achieved the rank of 1st Dan Black Belt.   Cindy enjoys learning self defence and that she is capable of amazing things.   Most of all she enjoys helping teach and watch the “young ones” learn and excel at their levels. “It warms the heart”




Ms Brea Thorton

Ms. Brea Thorton does not want to give us a biography.  She says she is too young to have one.  Brea Achieved 1st Dan in 2018.