Kitchener Instructors

Master Jay Williams

Master Williams is a 4th Dan Instructor at the Kitchener School.  He has trained at several of the Chung Oh’s schools and ran our Ingersol School for several years.






Mr. Danny Ly

Mr. Ly started Tae Kwon Do training in 1986 in Brantford. He joined Chung Oh’s School of Tae Kwon Do in 2001.  Currently, he holds a 3rd Dan (Degree) Black belt.

Mister Ly has appeared in several Martial Arts movies and TV shows as an actor / extra: The Last to Surrender, Kung Fu the legend Continues, The Tuxedo, It takes Two, That Old Feeling, Fly Away Home, Sing, Street Legal, Emergency Room (ER) and etc.




Mr. Ryan McEachern

Ryan began his training as Junior  and is now a Third Dan Black Belt.  A high kicker Ryan brings his unique style and flexibility to training.





Master Shane Fernandes

Master Fernandes began his Tae Kwon Do training in 2001 at the Guelph School Under Master Brad Borghese.





Ms. Vanita Fernandes

Vanita began training at the age of 8 back in 2005. She has been one of our most hard working students since she began her training. Vanita is also an active competitor, and will be looking to earn her 4th degree black belt (master) in the next few years.





Mr. Guillaume Fernandes

Guillaume began training at the age of 5 back in 2005. He has been an outstanding student at our school, using his agility and speed to do some of the most difficult jumping and spinning kicks that exist. He has won many competitions for high kick, breaking techniques, sparring and patterns.