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Kitchener Multi-Cultural Festival 2019

Excerpts from our demonstration at the Kitchener Multi-Cultural Festival.  Click here 

Willamsburg Community Festival Demonstration

Check out the highlights from our demonstration at the Williamsburg Community Festival on Septemebr 08, 2019 .

Breaking Excerpts from our latest Demo now Avaiable

A video of breaking excerpts from Chung Oh’s School’s latest demo is now available at

Kitchener School will be closed for Vacation

Please note that the Kitchener School will be closed for Vacation July 29, 2019 to August 6, 2019.  

Moving Boxes and Setting up the Other half of the School

On Saturday November 24 Master Williams is putting together a team for one last push to get all the unnecessary equipment down to the building basement so we can set up the other half of the school .    He is looking for help.  He would like to go from 8 – 12 or if there is…
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Inter-School Competition November 3, 2018

Please check out some high lite videos from our November 3rd Inter-School Competition. and      

Chung Oh’s Tenants of Tae Kwon Do # 1 We must Have Respect for Each Other

We Must Have Respect for Each Other The First tenant of the Tae Kwon Moo Do way of life is “We must have respect for each other”. What does this mean to the people at Chung Oh’s? It is actually rather simple when you think about it. The first definition of respect in the dictionary…
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Why Is Tae Kwon Do the most popular Martial Art in the world?

There are 2 main streams of Tae Kwon Do (TKD); the Original Authentic Martial Art and the Sport Version that is in the Olympics. The original authentic martial art version is TKD as developed by General Choi Hong Hi and encompasses much more than the sport version. TKD is widely known as the Martial Art…
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